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'Orbianna - The City Beneath the Sea'. Is now published and available for sale.

'Homo intellectus' ebook is available at a 30% discount from Smashwords until the end of March 2014 - Discount code ZX67Q.


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Just completed the sequel.'Orbianna - The City Beneath the Sea'.


About me

For more than 30 years, I developed computer systems for major UK and international companies which involved writing long and complex technical documents. I hadn't attempted any creative writing.

After attending a local 'Intro to Creative Writing' course and completing 'Start Creative Writing' at the Open University, I gained the confidence to create my first novel "Homo intellectus" in 2011. I'm currently writing a sequel and a prequel as part of the trilogy.

I now write under the pseudonym of 'James Anthony' as I didn't think my birth name was very marketable.

My current CV.