James Anthony  2011



Homo intellectus

It's 2029, an asteroid heads for an impact in the Sahara desert following a mysterious change in orbit. Far from being the catastrophic event that had been predicted, an ancient secret is exposed that will re-write the history of mankind.

Was an undiscovered branch of our family tree the foundation for our present civilisation? Who did build the pyramids? What are the markings on the Nazca plain in South America?

The Torah Cult, a secret organisation, created hundreds of years before, will stop at nothing to prevent the release of any information.

Professor Simon Cartwright and Professor Mary Freeman are thrown together in a fast moving adventure where they travel from Timbuktu to Ayers Rock in Australia via Durham and Bangkok, while they battle to stay alive long enough to reveal the truth.
















'Homo intellectus', my first novel can be ordered in paperback from Amazon, Waterstones, or any good bookshop (6.99) or as an ebook for any ebook reader from your ebook store or snashwords.com (typically 2.99).

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