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Reviews for 'Homo intellectus';


3.0 out of 5 stars Great read

I thought this was a really enjoyable book, a page turner, easy to read with a satisfying ending. Works very much along the lines of conspiracy theory and the unexplained. Well worth reading.

Dizzie - Amazon.com 24/4/2012


Lizzie, Editor of 'The Park' and 'The Tettenhall Clock' Magazines (2/4/12)

I’ve finished your book, it was really good, maybe not sci – fi –I don’t know what to categorise it as – there’s a little bit of Dan Brown theory in there and the Religious Power Cult influence in there, it was a really good read.

I didn’t get bored at all in fact I wanted to keep turning the pages, it moved very swiftly with the storyline not a lot of padding ( which is sometimes a bit of a chore).

I notice you have left the ending hanging – for a sequel maybe! I read somewhere maybe on a Kindle review it would make for a good film – I think it would as well.

Something else I think worth mentioning, I wasn’t able to read this book in one go which I usually can, merely due to my work load, but I was able to pick it up straight away and carry on with the story, this book has taken me two weeks to read which is a long time for me, it’s worth mentioning because it indicates a storyline that is solid and not wishy washy, some books take a lot of concentration to follow the plots etc…. and picking up where you left off is sometimes just not possible basically due to not remembering what went on, this did not happen at all I knew exactly where we were at with this book.


Brit Writers Award - Assessors comments

- Good opener (referring to prologue).
- Writing comes across as highly readable with some good phrasings and is well pitched to market.

- Concept although not original is intriguing and has a definite market which is proved by Erik Von Daniken and others. Also, done by more serious authors such as Isabel Allende.


If your interested in 2012 and past worlds then you have to read this .... *****

A unique style of writing, is this fact or fiction? This so called fictional story identifies potential theories that are more likely to be factual. If your interested in 2012 and past lost worlds, then you must read this book!

Reviewed by Spencer Smith on itunes 3/9/11

Wow hurry up and write the next one!

Just finished Homo-Intellectus on kindle, well done it's fantastic!

wow what a brilliant idea! I sat up all night to read it, had to give up and sleep at 4am cos I had work this morning at 9am. Came home this evening and just finished it. All I can say is hurry up and write the next one and when are they going to make a film of it?

Really need to sleep now !

Posted on Amazon by Kerry Horstead (OU Student A251 1/11/11)

Posted on OU Forum (World Archaeology)

Read your book over the weekend on Kindle and really enjoyed it! Put me on your mailing list for the sequel please. Hope Hollywood comes knocking on your door - I'm sure it would make a good film.

Steve (OU Student A251 7/11/11)

A gem

Just finished reading this on the recommendation of a friend. Really enjoyed as it has a rather unique subject matter as the idea for the plot. Would make a good film I think if the right person picks up on it (please don't cast Nicholas Cage!!)

It has touches of Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones and Chariots of the Gods about it. James Anthony manages to get a lean, fast paced and intriguing story into around 180 pages, so an ideal size for taking on a trip or holiday (if you're too poor to have a kindle like me!!) and will literally fit in your pocket. Don't let the size fool you, it's a good story well told and the author has resisted the temptation to unnecessarily bulk out the book with excessive detail or diversion.

To anyone thinking of reading this book I'd say, get the kettle on, settle down and go with it! A good bit of escapism. It also makes you want to look further into some ideas, facts and questions that the story has been based on.

Looking forward to the authors next book

Posted on Amazon by Mr S MacColl (20/11/11)

What a good read!

Just finished Homo Intellectus on Kindle and what a good read.

Fast paced, good characters and certainly qualifies as a book you cannot put down once started. Looking forward to the sequel (trilogy, series....hint, hint ?).

Posted on Amazon by Steve Richards (24 Nov 2011)

Excellent read

I understand that this is the authors first book - it was an enthralling read. Look forward to a sequel.

Posted on Amazon by David Ogg (3 Dec 2011)




















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